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Walmart "Rollback"


Marvin Windows


Johnsonville "Crave"

Dialogue / Character

St. Ives "Olive"


Purina One "Dog"


Target "Frugalista- Grammy's"

Dialogue / Character

Everyone thinks they are a writer or an art director.

Anyone left thinks they should be voice talent.

After a life of singing, Joanna was bullied into it by agency coworkers. It turns out they were right.

Joanna was an assistant producer at an advertising agency for four years and also worked as producer for music houses for another six years. She sees her work in the booth from both sides. This makes for a collaborative and easy process that leaves you and your client happy and a voice that makes even “two for one at $4.99” worth hearing again. Younger, older, smoother, more energy, more smile, one for the clients, hit “the” with more authority. You know the drill. So does she. Announcer, “non-announcery,” character, on-hold messages for fertilizer… she does it all.

Joanna has worked professionally as a voiceover artist and session vocalist for many years and her body of work speaks for itself… literally. Clients include: Wal-Mart, Target, Marshall Fields, Sun Country Airlines, Best Buy and many more. Click on the demo icon to hear her work.

“Because of her background in singing, Joanna has an elevated sense of rhythm and pitch that you don't typically encounter with people who simply do just voice-over work. This innate musical sensibility is particularly helpful to call upon when you're project demands that your voice seamlessly harmonize with the vibe of a music track.

Additionally, Joanna has that rare ability to take direction and then enhance the ensuing read with even more than what was requested. This really is a plus. With so many sessions today paced at a hyper-ventilating wheeze, this ability of hers to quickly get the sound right helps clients save a lot of time in the editing process.”

- André Bergeron
Engineer/Owner Babble-On Recording Studio Minneapolis

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